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I want to share my revelations about the bride Assembly,,,,
In my dream of the night,, there was scarcity of fuel and kerosene,,, people were looking for fuel every where to no avail,I was also seller of fuel and kerosene but my own has finished so I was also going in search of fuel to buy,,,a lot of people lined up waiting for me,, surprisingly I went to a filling station to buy they have 3 forty feet tanker of fuel waiting to discharge fuel to the station,, when I look up the name of the station was bodly written The bride Assembly,,
When I was waiting to buy,, the fuel station was now turned to a wedding hall,,,and they were waiting for the pastor to join the people wedding,,then I saw pastor Moses Ali coming into the church and there was great joy,,, because pastor Moses delayed his coming so everyone in the church was worried,,,
It was at this point that I woke up,,,
My name is Azuka,,
I am a pastor in Lagos Nigeria,,,,I had this dream like a year plus but it keeps coming up to me afresh,,,
Thanks,,, please interpretation