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Shalom to the Bride of Christ…

I personally appreciate the Almighty God for the work you’re doing.

I’m a Zambian and from the day I started watching Bride Tv (a month now), I have found answers to many questions my heart has been asking.

It is my earnest desire to be fully established in the Body of Christ.
I have seen that for a long time the Truth was hid from us, and Heaven’s Gate was closing right before our eyes.

I wish to have come there for Baptism but I’m limited financially. I’m not the only one but there are many more.
I heard in a certain preaching where it was said one must not delay baptism after believing in Christ, I’m not ashamed to say that it’s 3 years now for me.

How do you advise me because it is only someone who was baptized in a right way who is able to baptize another, many here have been baptized wrongly and in many Churches it isn’t even mentioned, the church I used to fellowship is included as well?

From the day I saw many errors which some I also noticed sometimes back, now I stay home-Come out of her My people.

Many times I asked questions to the ministers concerning scriptures which were clear but ignored;
■water baptism not conducted
■Lord’s supper not observed
■ allowing women to preach
■high level of worldliness and immorality.
■everyone speaking in tongues at a command of the preacher.

Because I was like a threat to them they started gathering together to say I’m against their doctrine and that I was imparting a false spirit among those who were close to me.
I wasn’t bothered by what they did because God revealed it during the night in a dream that which they intended to do and I told my brothers to pray.
Though I wasn’t baptized with water not because I chose it to be so, but that there’s none to carry the work in Truth;
I truly saw the Faithfulness of the Lord the time when the devil attacked us in form of snake during the time for prayer and fasting(19th August 2017).

So now I just sit before the Tv screen and watch the services, I can’t continue in error.

I want to be fully baptized with water,
What do I do?